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Adding Color to Your Capsule Wardrobe

Do you automatically think of tan, black, white and other neturals when you hear the phrase "capsule wardrobe?" While it's true that the foundation of a solid capsule wardrobe is usually neutral, it's wonderful to be able to compliment your capsule with colors that fit your personal style. Our guest writer, Sofia from Garments of Salvation writes about the importance of choosing colors that are right for you and how to get started.

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Accessorize with Confidence!

We are excited to welcome Nicole from Danicol Accessories as a guest writer for this blog post. She writes about stepping out in confidence with accessories and not being afraid to try something new! She also emphasizes how accessories can maximize your wardrobe without needing more clothes, which is near and dear to our hearts. When you're done reading, check out her shop. She does gorgeous work!

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Who is Lexie & Lee?

We are Danielle and Mary, a mother and daughter team who started a capsule clothing boutique to help women dress with confidence and learn to love the clothes they wear!

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