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How to Create Monochromatic Outfits with a Pop

In recent seasons, monochromatic looks have been all the rage. People tend towards a sleeker, same-color look due to its ease and sophistication. In this blog, we'll talk about ways you can have monochromatism without a lot of effort. To begin, select your base outfit (top, bottom, or dress/pantsuit: black, grey, taupe, cream, brown, (or if you're feeling bold, red, pink, mint green, etc.) Then it's time to pick your pop of color. Accessories are a great place for your pop of color..think purse, scarf, hat, shoes, or even colorful statement jewelry. For example, let's start with an all-black outfit since black tends to be the easiest to pair together and transcends season. In the look below, she chose to...

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Introducing Katelyn!

We are so excited to welcome some new faces to the Lexie & Lee Team! Meet Katelyn, a gorgeous individual inside and out who brings a passion for local business and supporting women to the team. You'll feel like you've known her forever when she greets you in the shop. If you're new to the area, ask her for recommendations for the best spots to hit up in the Burg!

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