How to Pick the Jewelry that is Right for You

One of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit is through accessories like jewelry. At Lexie and Lee we have a jewelry selection for various personalities and styles. Picking jewelry that is right for you is important because it can represent who you are and tie your outfit together.

If you are someone who loves nature and outdoors, you may want to look for dainty jewelry that has some of the things in nature you love. For example, we have dainty bee and flower necklaces that will add a sweet touch to any outfit. 

If you love fun colors in your clothing, then you may want to have colored jewelry to go with your outfits to add a pop! When it comes to color in our store we cary fun beaded bracelets of many hues that add a nice touch to any outfit!

If you enjoy a good beach vacation, or have a love for sea creatures, we also have jewelry for you! A hand-painted necklace beautifully showcases your love for the ocean and its inhabitants, while also being so stylish. These necklaces can add to an outfit, or be the center of the show depending on how you style them!

Maybe you have a more sophisticated style. We have you covered in that department as well. Jewelry with different materials and tones are just for you. Jewelry pieces like these add so much to an outfit, but do not steal the spotlight. These pieces transition from season to season so well. 

Boho chic style has been popular for a while now, and we have jewelry to accommodate that aesthetic as well! This jewelry pairs well with any outfit and will pull your entire outfit together.

The fun part about jewelry is that you can mix and match it to best tell the story you want to tell with your outfit. Our pieces can be put together in so many different combinations to say exactly what you want them to say! Some days you may want to make a statement, and other days you may think simple is best. There is jewelry that is perfect for every personality and every occasion! Have fun as you find jewelry that represents you! 

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