Who is Lexie & Lee?

My name is Danielle and I own Lexie & Lee alongside my mom, Mary. We are great friends and we love having the privilege of working together. The name of the shop is very significant to me, because it's named after the two people who are the heart and soul behind everything I want to achieve with my life: my awesome husband and my precious little girl.

I believe some of the best ideas are born out of collaboration, which is what happened when I was chatting with a friend about business ideas. She pitched the idea of a capsule wardrobe boutique. The concept resonated with me instantly! I'd had the desire for years, but neither the time or energy, to create my own personal capsule wardrobe. I was in love with the idea of a one-stop shopping destination where capsule clothing was curated for me! I decided to create that elusive wardrobe, not only for myself, but also for other women who want the same thing. 

If you love the idea of opening your closet and getting dressed with ease, Lexie & Lee will be here to help you find just the right pieces to make it happen!



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