My Top 7 of 2019

In 2019 I foolishly let my heart be pummeled and torn apart by my social media “failures” this year. Algorithms and the results of absented-minded scrolling dictated the way I felt about the results of my mom and I’s shed sweat, blood, and tears.

But, like any good IG user, I waited while an online generator  analyzed my #topnine images. The results were fine, and then I realized two of the photos were giveaway posts. Another was one of the few posts I paid to bump this year. The others were great images, but the grid just wasn’t an accurate representation of MY year.

So, I ditched the top nine and chose seven images that mean the most to me.

Here they are and why I chose each one. 

  1. Heroes - I’m the public face of Lexie & Lee, but my mom is the life blood. I would’ve given up ten times over if she wasn’t shoulder to shoulder with me through every high and every low (and to be honest the lows happened far more frequently.) She encouraged, challenged, supported, disagreed with, and inspired me in ways I’ll never be able to convey here. I got so much of the credit for work she did, and she never asked for recognition or applause. She. Is. My. Hero.

  1. Family - My husband and daughter are two of my main reasons for working so hard. They are my heart. So much that I borrowed their middle names for my business! On a side note, if you've been calling me Lexie all year in your head that's okay. I hope someday my daughter will believe she can do anything if she's willing to work hard enough. 


  1. Tribe –These ladies have become my tribe in my business and personal life. I am so blessed to call each of them friends. We met because Whitney from Seed & Soil had the courage to invite strangers to collaborate on a project, and we did it scared! 

  1. Joy – It’s hard to love photos of ourselves, but I love this one taken by Keely Askew Photography during our very first photoshoot for Lexie & Lee. It captures the joy I want to hold in my heart during the highs and lows of 2020.

  1. Growth - I’ll lump these two together because they signify the same thing for me. We opened The Crimson Magpie in September of 2018 and five short months later launched Lexie & Lee after a month and a half from inception to reality.

We added many locally made products and had so many amazing collaborative events with some of the incredible women in our community. We’ve also met so many women who come in as customers and leave as friends.


  1. Beginnings - This photo of Priscilla Smith was also from our first Lexie & Lee shoot with Keely. When I saw it I felt the assurance that what we were doing with Lexie & Lee was going to be a real thing. When I see it I think of represents beginnings and the strength of women quietly doing incredible things every day.

7. YOU! - This would be a giant group photo of you all. Thank you for being with me on this journey. Happy 2020 to you all! 


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