How to Transition from Summer to Fall

Fall is just around the corner here in Lynchburg, and that means it is time for some wardrobe changes! Luckily, many summer pieces can be transitioned into amazing fall outfits! Accessories and playing with textures and colors can make your favorite summer look a chic fall look. 

To begin, with color, there are more rich autumnal tones that can be paired well with darker hues. The jumpsuit you once wore a white top under for summer can now have a black top under for fall.

For example, to the left, we see a more summer interpretation of the jumpsuit. The fall vibe is captured on the right, with the black top being layered. 

Something else that is fun is adding a jacket or cardigan! Adding another layer takes your outfit to the next level and makes you look more put together.

Gold jewelry is a must for fall; the way it compliments all of the fall colors and can make a subtle statement is key. Whether it just be earrings or a fun necklace, you will want to add some gold jewelry to all of your fall outfits.

Don’t be afraid to have each part of your outfit be a different color! In this outfit, the pants are the focal point. Even so, the top and shoes equally add to the outfit because of their neutral tones. A black top and darker shoes would also transition this outfit well! 

Even though deeper tones are seen throughout fall outfits, do not be afraid to add a pop of white now and then. Whether with that be the use of accessories or even just shoes, a lighter pop will allow your outfit to stand out even more!

Hats for fall are such an important staple! Wide brim hats are something that effortlessly add to a fall look. A wide brim hat can easily dress up an outfit!

Some colors to look out for this fall are clay, a burnt orange color, army green, a fall staple, royal blue, fuchsia, light pink, bright red, and yellow, as well as the typical grey, black and cream. Don’t be afraid to add some of these colors to your wardrobe this year, or even to try a new color along the way!

Have fun as you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall! We cannot wait to see the outfits you create. Be sure to come visit us in store or online for some fun fall finds this season!

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