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We are excited to welcome Nicole from Danicol Accessories as the guest writer for this blog post! We hope you enjoy reading her thoughts on accessories as much as we have! 

Hello, my name is Nicole. I have the privilege of owning a small business called Danicole Accessories (soon to be Danicole Bespoke Headwear) where I make headpieces that include hats, turbans, turban headbands and headwraps. I define an accessory as pieces (aside from basic clothing) added to your wardrobe that give you an extra dose of confidence to feel fabulous and chic. There are so many accessories to pick from, and finding the perfect one(s) for you is the fun and sometime challenging part! I’m no style guru, but accessories are kinda my jam. So, let’s chat for a moment about the benefits of the perfect accessory and how to find some that fit your personality and personal style.  

The perfect accessories can…

*Transform any outfit in your wardrobe from “blah” to “YEEEESSSS”
*Keep you from buying unnecessary pieces of clothing 
*Save you money
*Allow you to transform yourself with very little effort
*Enhance your personality 

I have a rule. I tell my kiddos when eating that you have to try it before you say you don’t like it. I know, I know, this is a hard one. Sometimes we may feel like something is absolutely, positively, in no way shape or form going to work for us…and that’s without even trying it! I have a confession; I was that person. I’m a large earring gal; they are my happy place. The bigger, more colorful, more textured and more unique the better, is my motto when it comes to selecting earrings. So, for years upon years I naturally concluded that, (1) I would look ridiculous and, (2) I would be uncomfortable wearing a necklace with my very noticeable earrings. And boy oh boy, was I wrong. Last year I stepped out of my comfort zone and through a local maker (hey Seed and Soil Shop!) found the most perfect necklace. It took me stepping out of my comfort zone and using the rule I give my kids, on myself.

Finding the right accessories can take time and push you out of your comfort zone. Honestly, the list could go on and on, but let’s focus on the tips below when trying to find a new look:

1) Try it before you conclude you don’t like it.
2) Know accessories are not universal. Just because it looks one way on someone else doesn’t mean it’ll look that way on you.
3) Try accessories that are the same but have different characteristics. You may surprise yourself with what you do and don’t like. I promise it’ll be worth it! 

Let me tell you about my personal experience with my business. I love how the same headpiece (and any other accessory) can be worn by many different people but translated and styled so differently by each individual, showing their unique personality. Through my business I’ve be fortunate to work with so many lovely ladies across all age groups, ethnicities and walks of life. A few things I hear from about 80% of my customers is that they aren’t sure they can pull off headwear; their heads are too big/small to wear a headpiece; and that headpieces won’t stay on their heads. The first thing I always let them know is that all materials are not created equal and that material and make matters. I help my customers test out different fabrics, patterns, and sizes that cater to their specific style, and I show them how to properly place the headpieces they pick. More times than not, these lovely ladies see that they can in fact confidently pull off something they thought they couldn’t. That is seriously one of my favorite parts of my job! 

I am a confident believer and witness that things you’ve considered drab can be given new life and personality with the addition of your accessories. This in turn allows you to feel more confident, fabulous and chic. In your search for the perfect accessories, my advice is to try a few different variations of color, shape, pattern, texture, etc. before you say “no.” You may find that one piece that is YOUR piece. And when you find it, ROCK IT with confidence! 

                                       Danicole Accessories

-Nicole :)





  • Angela

    Accessories are the best! Love putting the try it before you say you don’t like it theory into practice with clothing.

  • Michelle

    Loved this blog and the tips for trying something new to feel fabulous! Thank you Nicole ❤️

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